HITACHI - Lightning Protection System

HITACHI-CFP has provided lightning protection systems for a variety of industries over the past 40 years including power utilities, petrochemical facilities, and communication stations. Each installation is engineered for the specific facility requiring protection. HITACHI-CFP understands that any outage due to lightning not only causes equipment damage but can present hazards to the support staff and economic losses to the facility.
Was backed by a team of scientist, engineers and experts who has designed our Total Lightning Protection Solution, these LPS effectively minimizes unscheduled stoppages through identifying and securing vulnerable points and loop holes of lightning hazards. This solution includes:
• Prevention of Direct lightning termination
• Strategically deploying rightly selected surge protection device
• Improving of ground condition for the integrations of above direct and surge protection.
• Vulnerable entry point from which transient surge gains entrance and
• Shielding the route for which transient voltage are collected

NARADA- Energy Storage

As an exclusive distributor for Narada Batteries in Malaysia, we have continuously supply these industrial battery to many industries and mostly in Telecommunication. The various type of batteries that Narada offered fulfil customers need for example the new technology, lithium batteries that have high cycle of life. Narada also offered renewable type of battery which was designed especially for renewable energy like solar and wind power.

ELLEGO - Industrial Charger

Ellego is a company which design & manufacture chargers, DC power systems and solutions in power electronics in customer-oriented way. Their products are used in applications demanding extreme reliability, such as power stations, ships and airports..
Ellego’s operations are characterised by customer-orientation and the tailoring of our products according to specific requirements. They are constantly developing their expertise and creating new solutions for the increasing needs of the market, taking into account the environmental aspects of our products and business.


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