NARADA- Energy Storage

As an exclusive distributor for Narada Batteries in Malaysia, we have continuously supply these industrial battery to many industries and mostly in Telecommunication. The various type of batteries that Narada offered fulfil customers need for example the new technology, lithium batteries that have high cycle of life. Narada also offered renewable type of battery which was designed especially for renewable energy like solar and wind power.

ELLEGO - Industrial Charger

Ellego is a company which design & manufacture chargers, DC power systems and solutions in power electronics in customer-oriented way. Their products are used in applications demanding extreme reliability, such as power stations, ships and airports..
Ellego’s operations are characterised by customer-orientation and the tailoring of our products according to specific requirements. They are constantly developing their expertise and creating new solutions for the increasing needs of the market, taking into account the environmental aspects of our products and business.

AVANSEUS – Predictive Analysis

Avanseus develops and markets data driven, context aware enterprise solutions. They are more focus on Big Data Analytics using Artificial Intelligence which the technologies encompass Predictive Analytics, Streaming Analytics, Text Analytics, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.
Avanseus also deliver enterprise solutions for Mobile, Fixed, Transmission and IP Backbone Networks, Industrial Analytics, and the Internet of Things, transforming massive amounts of data into useful business insights and actions. Their solutions are designed to meet the needs of Enterprise Customers in a number of industry verticals.

IGLOOWORK – Smart Access Monitoring & Control

Provide customised smart access solutions to maximise ROIs and improve operational efficiencies for every industry. Infrastructure industries such as telcos, tower companies and more usually have assets in dispersed and remote locations. These sites tend to require occasional access to carry out maintenance or operational works; or seasonal access to a select few.

  • Increase efficiency

Increase productivity and efficiency by doing away with keys. Grant remote access via our Iglooworks dashboard or mobile app; there’s no need for staff to draw keys at a centralised location or go through paperwork before accessing the site.

  • 100% visibility and control
The dashboard allows you to view, manage and analyse lock activities and access logs so you’re in control at all times. Know which locks were accessed by whom and get immediate notifications should there be any tampering involved.

CRITICAL FACILITIES – Lightning Protection Solutions

Our key expertise is in the area of Lightning Protection and electrical weather anomalies, covering Direct Strike Protection, Surge Protection, Grounding, Consultancy, Information and other services. Each installation is engineered for the specific facility requiring protection.

We understand that any outage due to lightning not only causes equipment damage but can present hazards to the support staff and economic losses to the facility.

Our methods incorporate physics and state-of-the-art engineering principles to implement unique lightning protection systems (LPS), solutions and services across multiple industries. We have created successful and cost-efficient designs that ensure all destructive elements of a lightning strike are accounted for, including both primary and secondary effects.



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