Orissa Wicomm Key Personnel


Nallen Singhe

Chief Executive Officer

Professional Experience :

Nallen is the CEO & Founder of Orissa Wicomm (M) Sdn Bhd.

He started his career as an auditor in London, UK upon earning his professional qualification from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). He is also a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants.

Upon his return, Nallen joined Ernst & Young as a senior consultant where he was directly responsible for handling various receivership and liquidation matters in the Corporate Recovery & Insolvency unit.

He was then employed by Maxis Communications (formerly known as Binariang Sdn Bhd) and as one of its pioneers he was very involved in growing the mobile and fixed network for Maxis. His career at Maxis was from June 1993 – August 1998 and during this time, Nallen had served in numerous roles, namely Head of Fixed Network, Head of Business Development (Fixed Line Services).

Nallen’s leadership ensured various groups such as marketing, technical and sales functioned in a streamlined manner and only viable projects where undertaken with management’s consent and approval. It was also during this period, Maxis managed to secure significant numner of right of ways to allow a rapid roll out of its HFC network.

As a pioneer in the telecommunications industry, Nallen was offered many positions by various telecommunications company in Malaysia & the Philippines. Nallen subsequently joined Eltek, a Norwegian based company as its Chief Operating Officer for both its Malaysian & Philippines operations, having been invovled in opening of these 2 operations for Eltek. He was then promoted to its Chief Executive Officer within 2 years due to his ability to grow Eltek’s business in the DC Power Systems market for telcos.

With Eltek’s continued year on year growth in the he region, Nallen was appointed Deputy Managing Director for the APAC region in tandem with his existing role as CEO for Malaysia and Phillipines. Under Nallen’s stewardship, offices in Malaysia and Philippines then continued its unprecedented growth as all major telco operators in both countries were on Eltek’s order book. He was also influential in opening new operations in Cambodia and growing other businesses for Eltek in the Region.

Nallen has also served in various other capacities such as Director (Project Development – APAC) at CH2MHILL and Chief Operating Advisor for Broadband Philippines and in the process has accumulated vast experience and a wealth of knowledge in telecommunication industry at large.

In his spare time, Nallen loves to hang out with his family and contribute to charitable causes. He is also an avid golfer.



Ruben Kamalaruben

Chief Operating Officer

Professional Experience :

Ruben graduated with a Bachelor of Electronics & Computer Engineering from The Robert Gordon University, Scotland United Kingdom in 2002. He completed his Advanced Diploma in Computer Engineering from Informatics College, Kuala Lumpur before advancing his studies overseas.
Ruben has been working since the age of 17 alongside completing his education. After graduating from The Robert Gordon University, he started his Professional Career in Scicom (M) Sdn Bhd as a Technical Consultant for Nokia. After a year, he was offered to work in Singapore for PCS Peripherals Pte Ltd, handling InFocus Projectors Supply Chain & Engineering Services.
He was then offered to work for the principle company, InFocus Systems Asia Pte Ltd, as they required his expertise in the Service Engineering department as they were migrating operations from USA to Singapore.
Due to the passion in Sales, Ruben was offered to work as a Sales Engineer at Eltek Valere Pte Ltd handling local Sales. Due to his outstanding performance and achievements, he was appointed to handle the Sales for Malaysia, Sri Lanka and also involved in the setup of Eltek Valere’s Industrial Power segment head quartered in Singapore. With the experience, influence & achievements in these markets, Ruben was picked to lead the Sales & Technical for Orissa Wicomm (M) Sdn Bhd focusing in the Telecommunication, Industrial Power & Renewable Energy market in Malaysia & Philippines.
As the Chief Operating Officer, Ruben will help to further strengthen the portfolio of the company by providing top solutions and ensuring that the product or solution being carried is of top quality.



Peter Cho

Chief Operating Officer (Malaysia)

Professional Experience :

Peter Cho comes with 27 years of experience in the Telecommunications industry. Graduated from University of Malaya as the King's Scholar with 1st Class Honours, Peter was among the very first engineers in Maxis. He has vast technical knowledge and experience in Network Planning, Design and Implementation.

Peter was specially trained in Swindon, UK for complete mobile network architecture and BSS scripting. He was responsible for setting up the Optimization and Operations teams in the early years of Maxis' network.

He later consulted for Nokia in the effort to start the GSM network in China.

Back in Malaysia, Peter has spearheaded the project teams as the Project Director in Trisilco Folec and later as the CTO in R&A Telecommunications during their days as a turnkey contractor for Maxis.

In his past 12 years in YTL Communications, Peter has successfully accomplished his missions as the Head of Program Management, Head of Core Services Network and later became the Director of IT & Network Operations.

Peter is a knowledgeable leader and as well as an enthusiastic team worker.


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