Outsourced Services

Tenancy Management

One of the biggest expenditures Telecommunication Companies faces, apart from human resources and infrastructure, is the cost of renting locations for their towers and antennas. Orissa Wicomm has experience in the field of tenancy management and offers to manage this core aspect for the telecommunication companies and other companies renting spaces for their main operation. Leaving this important and critical part of their operations to Companies such as Orissa Wicomm means that they can focus on their core business and ensure quality services. Our professional team, with years of relevant experience, will handle the management of site rentals and renewals, with the aim to minimize overall cost increments and reduce complications for Operators, which could potentially lead to major financial losses and reduction in up-time. By providing a consistent and secure platform, which enables the Companies to focus on main operations and development of important technology, Orissa Wicomm provides a reliable, valuable and beneficial partnership to its customers.

Site Management

Apart from the above mentioned services, Orissa Wicomm also offers services related to site management. This can be site upgrading, down grading or even relocation. With our in-house knowledge, expertise and experience, we are able to assist create new opportunities for site sharing as well as provide guidance towards purchase of new sites. Our services will also include direct contact and communication with landlords related to issues such as damages, leakages, payment, etc. Therefore, we offer to handle the management of the sites in a professional manner leaving the Telecommunication Companies to feel secure that all of their respective telecommunication sites are in optimum level.


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